Beginning Final Year and Tracy Rocca

Mini Study of View, 2016, Oil on Canvas board. 12.7cm x 17.8cm

Beginning my final year is kind of terrifying, it’s that kind of thought you have to push to the back of your head and just start the work instead of rocking in the corner. Last semester I got lost in the idea of abstracting the memory I wanted to paint. So I’ve taken a step back to where it’s still figurative enough. I’ve started this by testing different ‘blurring’ techniques – some I’ve previously used –  and seeing which resonate best with what I want to paint, the appearance of a memory.

ARTIST: Over the Summer break, I looked in to some artists and found Tracy Rocca who is a major influence on my work in this coming year. Her work was the kind of inspiration I needed and had been looking for. I find her paintings beautiful and calming as she paints the “unspecified yet familiar environments”. Check out her paintings here –