Is it a Hot dog?

After finding I prefer the smoother application techniques to blur the subject matter, I began painting on a canvas a clear memory to me. In this week, it also became a thing not to actually say what the painting represents. It really leads to some amusing or insightful answers from the audience. This particular painting definitely lead to a few laughs, as one of my peers linked it to an early Doctor Who episode and caterpillar aliens. Another ‘theory’ that actually belonged to my sister (a person who should instantly click what it was really) that led to slight frustration as I could not unsee it afterwards. Posting a WIP of the painting on Instagram, she commented “Is it a hot dog”. I did try to change it after, threatening to stab the canvas with a palette knife but it was all quite funny really.

A Place to Hang on to, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 30cm x 30cm