Hunting by the Sea

From the experiment with the miniature boards, I preferred smoother surfaces, so this week I decided to test what linen is like as a surface. The weave is tighter so the its not as textured as canvas (I use pre-primed stretched for both). This memory was inspired by a trip in the Summer, it was an exciting time and I think at this point in the week I had actually begun to relax enough (was meeting my SO’s family for the first time).

Hunting by the Sea, 2016, Oil on Linen. 35.0cm x 25.0cm

I used the dragging technique I was familiar with in the previous year, however instead of dragging diagonally I pulled the brush vertically across the painting. I added areas of dripped paint to add some visual differences to the strokes and as an association to water.

It proved successful for this painting, although the question has to be asked as to whether it will for other subject matters. It is a soothing painting, it feels calm. Reminiscent of some of Turner’s paintings.