The Breakthrough… that I painted over

So this week, I began a painting on a slighter larger scale (50cm x 50cm). It is a memory of a place that I have painted previously in this project, however I changed which aspects I focused on within it. This week has a moral, one which I luckily was ‘prepared’ for. Always, ALWAYS take progress photos. Whether this is for later reference of how you went round doing a piece of art or for if you make changes that you might not like as much.

On the left is how my painting ended this week, on the right is how I wanted to leave it after I finished it. This breakthrough came during a tutorial where my tutor and myself wanted to test scale, so I put some photos of recent paintings on a USB to project them in the lecture theatre. I used a progress shot because of colours and square format test. And it just worked. It fitted my intent of visualising memory. The use of landscape made it ambiguous enough to give a sense of familiarity to the audience without them knowing the place. I learnt that I need to increase my scale a lot more. That the circular blending is fairly effective. That its a good thing I take progress shots otherwise this outcome would of taken a while longer to reach.