Size matters

After last week’s experiment with size on a projector, I decided to go bigger. Now whilst I was searching for 100cm x 100cm canvases online and having a mini breakdown about the costs, my friend offered some of her old hard boards just so I would know if I could get on with the size before splashing the cash. They got chopped to a rough square, even as i kept promising she could change her mind because I won’t beginning painting on them till a set day that week. The only issue was that this friend paints thickly, which means the smoother side of the board that we normally work on would show her underlying painting through mine.

Journey: Day of Endangered Species, 2016, Oil on Board, (roughly) 91cm x 91 cm

So I decided to gesso (primer, works for both acrylic and oil painting) the back surface – the rough side of hard board. I applied two layers of the primer and then a oil paint ground in a light blue before starting the painting. I realise this goes against my wanting a smooth surface to work on, but it was a test, and one I highly enjoyed and personally believe works with the concept of visualising memory. The rough surface adds a filter like diffusion to the image. So the back of boards is where I have chosen to continue working for this project.

Another thing I noticed about working on this side of the board, the paint is absorbed more so it ‘dries’ quicker. This does mean I have to work quick and is the reason for the random blotches across the painting. I was removing brush hairs from the painting the day after painting it and where I had scratched the paint I tried to blend it back with slight changes to what it was previously.