Feeling 22

This week has included my birthday (today actually) and with my SO coming up to visit me for it and a whole bunch of celebrations with friends, I haven’t been in the studio as much as I probably should have. I did however make sure I got another painting done before this all started. One I am actually extremely happy with (maybe I’m just too happy this week to see fault yet).

Passing Moment of Seasons, 2016, Oil on Board, 91.4cm x 91.4cm

It demands to be looked at for longer as parts focus and diffuse out again. It has a glowing warmth and draw the eyes into the depth created through warm and cool tones. People gave me various answers as to what it felt like to them, and it’s always nice to hear these things. These last two paintings have also inclined more to the idea that my work has a viewing distance. Makes me laugh thinking of earlier school work where my twin would say “you are good at making things look good from far away”.