Silhouettes and Sunsets

Many memories I go back to at home are of sunrises and sunsets, which this week lead to the question as to whether a silhouette would work with my style of painting. Would the blending lead to the darker colours overpowering the vibrant colours of the sunset?

Before the Night, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 50cm x 50cm

This study was back on a smaller canvas, purely for testing the mixing of the colours without the additional factor of the texture affecting it. The ‘black’ was a mixed grey so that it wouldn’t have that overpowering affect on the other colours, especially considering it is mainly against a yellow. Over the week, I worked into sections pulling the ‘horizon’ line down, breaking up the darkness with some reflection lines – I kept changing between blurring them in and having as solid line until one just worked – and dripping white spirit in the area around the silhouetted ‘tower’ to diffuse the colours in another way.