Winding Roads

Travelling through Wales shows some breathtaking views, ones I hope don’t leave me after I leave here. There’s always one that’s so clear in my head when I travel home and back, I’m always excited when I get a chance to see it. But is is always a problem, the image can be clear in my head till I want to draw it then the details fizzle.

Travelling: Home to a Home, 2016, Oil on Board, 91.4cm x 91.4cm

This painting leaves me in two minds. I like the flow that draws the eyes in for a basic sense of depth but the colours don’t achieve that. The palette is over all too cool to do that. The contrast between the blues and greens is too high to have the same effect as the previous large painting (orange one). However, it gave my peers the sense of travelling through Wales, so it achieved that. I don’t believe it quite meets the intent of my project though but it does show me what I need to work on.