Limited Palette

This week, I decided to limit the palette I used for the painting to test if a selection  of similar colours and tones achieved anything in the sense of visual depth and the relationship between colours. I made a ‘mother ship’ colour of a creamy yellow-green which was then separated into smaller blobs of paint to which I added to. Additional hints varied between blues, burnt umber, raw sienna and more yellow to create slightly cooler and warmer tones.

Running Sands, 2016, Oil on Board, 91.4cm x 91.4cm

The painting does fade in and out of itself. Warm and cool tones were carefully placed to push parts back and pull others forward. There is a slight glow as the ground colour (yellow). It doesn’t quite have the same effect as Passing Moments of Seasons (2016), however, I still need to work out what draws you in to it and what aspects that work in the painting.