Returning home: Artist

This week I returned home to Essex for Christmas break. I have taken a break from work this week just to relax and catch up with my family and a few friends. Before leaving, I had a few tutorials/chats with a former MA student and professional artist, Rebecca Backshall. It was a great insight to an MA, which I’m considering, and having an opinion of an outside person. Because of weekly painting ‘surgeries’, your peers quickly learn what your work is about and vice versa, the explaining part kind of dies down a little bit. Rebecca offered fresh ideas on how to approach my work.

(I am incredibly terrified of copyright so I’m only linking to artist’s websites rather than posting a picture of their work until I really understand the do’s and don’t’s of it all. Sorry.)

I did look into her own work to see her style and approach to the subject matter. I did find it all quite inspiring but I currently don’t know how to explain Rebecca’s influence on my work without having anything new or significantly showing change. However, I do recommend visiting her website ( to look at her work.