Assessment week

It’s silly how nervous this still makes me. I would know if I’ve done poorly but that little voice in my head still likes to whisper “What if it’s not good enough?”. One day, I’ll stop listening to it or know I’ve proved it wrong. Maybe. A slight downside was Life Drawing as I kept switching between materials and didn’t focus on one and improving that. However, I was getting better with my compositions. Painting was a moment I left out a sigh of relief even as I awkwardly hopefully explained the work when asked a question. Can’t say I didn’t feel bubbly to the “Could imagine this as the exhibition poster” comment. Passing Moments of Seasons was definitely the most successful painting and I’m so glad it has such a good reception. Now just to continue with it all into the next semester and the final paintings for the exhibition.


Nervous ball of fur

This week I made a presentation about the development of my project and work to a small group of my peers and two tutors. I was definitely shaking. However, I was ever so slightly calmer because I had earlier helped in the Paws for Thoughts event in the Union. This gave students the opportunity to hang out with dogs from a shelter to chill for a little session in exam season whilst also letting these dogs get love and attention. Incredibly raised £900 for the shelter as well!  So I was surrounded by dogs all morning which makes me extremely happy (but also makes me miss my dogs more) so I came into my presentation with maybe some fur still on me and the Oxytocin still pumping.

16106029_10202727383503654_1919236369225693699_nDoing a presentation to a group of friends is easier, especially when you can joke about things and you know you’re all in the same boat. It was fantastic practice for the possible future and as necessary “evil” in the preparation for the art world. I think I managed to do mine in the 15-20 minute time limit but I’m not actually sure, it was just a long blur. I did have entire script written out and I gave up reading that about 4 slides in and went by the brief words that caught my eye and what I remember. I think it went well… I hope it went well.

Hand in Week

The dreaded week arrived of handing in all the work for semester one, however, over the years it has become less of a rush. Maybe I’m finally learning that last minute isn’t always the way to do things. One thing I do know is that I always choose a sketchbook that I can’t fill. I’m not a fan particularly apart from for the necessities of a project. I guess that comes from GCSE/A-Level when it’s all about sketchbook presentation and every step must be written down and linked. I always put it off and my teacher knew it. Definitely getting better as it’s now more about what you personally need in it, not what gets you the mark.

Now it’s all handed in, I can really focus on the presentation I’ve been working on for next week. Public speaking terrifies me and even worse its about my work. I can barely do Charades with family. Preparation will be key here.

Monoprints and returning to Aber

Sorry about no post last week, I was away from home celebrating the holidays with my SO and didn’t think to bring my laptop. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

I have since returned to Aberystwyth and prepping for the up coming hand in deadline for the semester’s work. Last week I did make some small (and fairly messy) monoprint studies of landscape memories. The hope was the various marks that can be made made the drawing vague enough kind of like my paintings but its not quite right. I do miss practising printmaking but I’m glad I stuck with my guns to do painting, can get a little most lost in the making and change things a lot quicker. At least I have my ink and roller if I ever feel the need.