Hand in Week

The dreaded week arrived of handing in all the work for semester one, however, over the years it has become less of a rush. Maybe I’m finally learning that last minute isn’t always the way to do things. One thing I do know is that I always choose a sketchbook that I can’t fill. I’m not a fan particularly apart from for the necessities of a project. I guess that comes from GCSE/A-Level when it’s all about sketchbook presentation and every step must be written down and linked. I always put it off and my teacher knew it. Definitely getting better as it’s now more about what you personally need in it, not what gets you the mark.

Now it’s all handed in, I can really focus on the presentation I’ve been working on for next week. Public speaking terrifies me and even worse its about my work. I can barely do Charades with family. Preparation will be key here.