Board Preparation

Again I missed last week’s post, I finally left a cold get the better of me and whilst I was waiting for boards that I ordered, I didn’t feel like I did much. Feeling much better now though. Been a busy bee prepping 3 boards. This semester, I have cradle frames on the fronts of the hardboards because I work on what is fundamentally the rough back of them. This gives them strength and support so they don’t warp and so much easier for exhibition displaying purposes. I got two 3ft x 3ft boards (my normal size) and then a larger 4ft x 4ft board to test if I can go bigger with my paintings. Will be starting that one next week, just deciding between two possible images and the composition of it.

How I prep my boards:

  • Thin layer of gesso on board and the sides of the supports. Push paint into all the little crevasses and allow to dry.
  • Thicker layer of gesso on board and sides. Allow to dry
  • Mix up batch of oil paint ground colour, suits the subject matter/image being used. Apply to front of board only. Allow a day to dry.

The preparation is necessary to make sure the board’s absorbency is decreased before starting  the actual painting. As that side of the board hasn’t been prepped in manufacturing, it dries out my oils a lot faster than the other side of the board would.