Framed Sunset

After prepping the boards last week, I have finally completed my first painting for the semester. This is the 4ft x 4ft board to test scale. I painted the same ground colour on this board and the next 3ft one because the two images I was debating using on this are both photos I would like to paint and that had areas with similar tones so the ground suited both.

This painting depicts the sunset through the window in my studio space over the top of some older paintings. It’s a beautiful view worth painting. However, it doesn’t entirely work with my intent. The sunset is too obvious a sunset (clearly) so lacks some of the ambiguity I like having. The size makes no difference to the effect so I will be sticking to the 3ft boards, less time consuming and less energetic movement needed to do the painting (I’m short, there was more stretching and tiptoes as I was leaning over the work than necessary). The colours I used in the window frame though are inspiring for the colour palette of the next painting, The muted palette works.

Ark Time, 2017, Oil on Board, 121.9cm x 121.9cm