I can’t see clearly now

This painting used the same ground last week’s, Ark Time, and the colour palette was influenced by sections of the same painting.  Although the reference was taken on a foggy day, I used the colours and blending technique to amplify to haziness of it all. I feel it has a lot of hidden emotion behind it but I’m struggling to work out the exact ones right now. Like a weird mixture of content and sadness. A nostalgic feel though oddly because I haven’t left this place yet. I’m glad I didn’t half the painting with the sky and land, that would just be a terrible composition for this. Also proud I got the curve just about right for the perspective. Definitely struggled with the darkest area’s colour, hopefully I will still think it’s right in a few months. It’s kind of turned out like a out of focus photograph, maybe something to keep working with. (Name of painting to be added at a later date)

Learn to Hop, 2017, Oil on Board, 91.5cm x 91.5cm