Don’t get caught in the bad

My final two boards arrived earlier in the week so I prepped them and began one on Tuesday. I wanted to try and include another Aberystwyth landmark in this painting. However, my composition was off from the beginning. Firstly, I had centralised the land and sky meeting point. It put me in a bad mood staring at the beginnings of this painting and not knowing how to fix it before blending. So, I followed the advice of my tutor to ignore it and start the other board, otherwise I will not be in the right frame of mind to make it good if I waited till I finished this one. Go back to it if I needed to.

She Laughed First, 2017, Oil on Board, 91.6cm x 91.6cm

This plan did work, I got a good composition going, working with aspects from previous paintings like the railings, the buildings going into the distance and the little details, I completed a painting I was happy to add the suite I have going. There was some colour adjustment needed on the sandy area when after I took a break from it but easily fixable. I can at least say I have enough paintings to choose from for the exhibition, even I can’t fix the first one from this week.


What’s this?! 2 paintings in a week!?

I know, this seems unheard of from me. I had managed to half prep one of the boards last week and then finished preparing it on Monday and began prepping the next. I can do it when I know what I’m doing and work with less of my procrastinating breaks. Got my motivation roll going.

The first was a play with compositional aspects with the pole creating a cross with the horizon as well as going up and out of the composition. The railing as a difficult one, had to be careful with angles and the blending. Also had to change the tone of the pole because it was originally white and that wasn’t what it was in the photo and didn’t work in the painting.  The second was one I’ve been wanting to do for a while because it’s from around where I lived in first year, and where I met some of my closest friends. I’ve decided to play with the titles and name them from quotes of conversations with my university friends, happening on or near the seafront. Still working on them but you’ll notice soon enough that all these pictures will finally have captions.

Finally the weather I wanted

Most people look forward to sunny blue sky days. I usually do. However, the new route of this project has taken a foggier turn and it’s a lot easier working out the if the photo will work as a painting when its easier to see it with the colours. So we finally had some foggy days round here, makes the place quite eerie and quiet really. I wandered up and down the seafront for as many different composition photos as I wanted. Even took a few looking into the town but I much prefer the seafront, would help make it a set of paintings. The grey skies help subside the reflections and brightness of the objects which if worked with wouldn’t work well in the painting. Or so I personally think. My new boards will be start arriving in my space next week to start the last four paintings, have  a choice of which will go into the exhibition then.

Was nice to walk down the seafront again, don’t do it nearly enough. I’m glad I got to live on it in my first year, I do miss the sound of the sea through my bedroom window. That was always so soothing to work to and the fall asleep to.

I fixed it

It has become no secret to my friends, green is not my favourite colour to work with, especially after some last week’s first painting attempt. And there was one painting last semester that didn’t match the image in my head too well, lacking the depth and well shape I wanted. This was Travelling: Home to a Home. 

Travelling: Home to a Home (Painted Over), 2017, Oil on Board, 91.4cm x 91.4cm

I used the same colour palette of last few paintings to go over it since last week went so much better. No regrets. I could have cooler and warmer tones in it and fade the distance out better than the green that just made the sky tinted. It may lack the vibrancy of the Welsh landscape I wanted to capture but now it feels a lot more real as a landscape to me.

Green Monster is Real

I started this week thinking “I wanted to paint this scene I see everyday when it’s beautifully sunny”. By the middle of the week I was thinking “I absolutely hate this, I can’t dare show this in my tutorial”. So I didn’t. I covered the green landscape with a greyish purple and didn’t let that dry as a ground coat before beginning the next painting and spending the whole day working on it. I got it done in time for my tutorial and I was most certainly more please with the outcome than the original one. Did have a laugh showing the progress photos with the sudden jump in colour. If you don’t like something, change it, especially if it’s just paint.

I will admit, the green landscape looked better before the blending stage, but it didn’t work for my project for that reason. I am definitely jealous of artist’s who seem so natural working with brighter and vibrant colours, I’ve only managed a one of beauty with those. Maybe that’s my issue, I expected it to look like Passing Moments of Seasons but green. I need to hide that one from view in my studio so I stop comparing my new work to it. I have no regrets painting over it because I currently love the grey mist and the little details that fade into it. Definitely found the route I want to take these paintings for the exhibition.