Green Monster is Real

I started this week thinking “I wanted to paint this scene I see everyday when it’s beautifully sunny”. By the middle of the week I was thinking “I absolutely hate this, I can’t dare show this in my tutorial”. So I didn’t. I covered the green landscape with a greyish purple and didn’t let that dry as a ground coat before beginning the next painting and spending the whole day working on it. I got it done in time for my tutorial and I was most certainly more please with the outcome than the original one. Did have a laugh showing the progress photos with the sudden jump in colour. If you don’t like something, change it, especially if it’s just paint.

I will admit, the green landscape looked better before the blending stage, but it didn’t work for my project for that reason. I am definitely jealous of artist’s who seem so natural working with brighter and vibrant colours, I’ve only managed a one of beauty with those. Maybe that’s my issue, I expected it to look like Passing Moments of Seasons but green. I need to hide that one from view in my studio so I stop comparing my new work to it. I have no regrets painting over it because I currently love the grey mist and the little details that fade into it. Definitely found the route I want to take these paintings for the exhibition.