Finally the weather I wanted

Most people look forward to sunny blue sky days. I usually do. However, the new route of this project has taken a foggier turn and it’s a lot easier working out the if the photo will work as a painting when its easier to see it with the colours. So we finally had some foggy days round here, makes the place quite eerie and quiet really. I wandered up and down the seafront for as many different composition photos as I wanted. Even took a few looking into the town but I much prefer the seafront, would help make it a set of paintings. The grey skies help subside the reflections and brightness of the objects which if worked with wouldn’t work well in the painting. Or so I personally think. My new boards will be start arriving in my space next week to start the last four paintings, have  a choice of which will go into the exhibition then.

Was nice to walk down the seafront again, don’t do it nearly enough. I’m glad I got to live on it in my first year, I do miss the sound of the sea through my bedroom window. That was always so soothing to work to and the fall asleep to.