Deep Breath

After celebrating my mum’s birthday earlier this week, I’ve returned to Aberystwyth with my sister before she continues her journey back to Belfast. It’s scary to think I pretty much only have a month left here. Well, not exactly, I have chosen to do a Masters here so I’m not leaving but its the end of my degree, many friends will be leaving. I still remember vividly my first day moving into Aber. Time flies when you’re having fun but hopefully this last month won’t go too fast.

I have finally decided on titles for my paintings (captions have been added to past posts), as quotes from friends in conversation on/near the seafront. They are odd and not related to the picture they are titling but that’s part of the point. The landscapes represent memories of the place, the titles are the people I’ve met here. So these are the possible exhibition pieces;
Learn to Hop
They Make Everything Better
I Have a New Escape Plan
Don’t Kill My Vibe
She Laughed First