So over the last couple of months, I’ve been slowly working on my final essay (It’s a mini dissertation but no as high a word count). I have been pretty much locked in my room for the last few days getting the last chunks done and checked over, I’m a slow writer and kept having panics over things. It’s about my project, the work produced, the processes and the influences. Very hard to keep in third person but I tried and (hopefully) kept first person to a minimum. After all the final checks, I went to have it bound in a local shop, couldn’t say no to the black hardcover. It’s nice to have it all ready and out of the way a fair few days before the deadline. Can relax a bit and focus on other things, like getting things ready for preparing my exhibition space, which we got the plans for about 1/2 hour ago. I definitely need to get more paint as I’m having my space in a greyish colour- Cloudburst – as my paintings look better on a grey background than the usual white of the exhibition spaces. My space is 20ft long so yeah, one tub won’t cover it. That all starts next week though. Terrifying and exciting in one.