Exhibition Prep week 1

This week saw the beginning of building and prepping the exhibition spaces in rooms that we’ve known as our studio spaces and drawing room for the 3 years. The change is always surprising. I’ve definitely taken away from this week that teamwork is a major aspect of setting up an exhibition, we all wanted to help each other because the sooner its done, the sooner we can enjoy it. It’s all of our spaces, if one part looks bad then it could reflect on us all. 18341996_1336168479812242_113126224662834158_n

I also worked out that my maths was wrong and I barely needed the whole tub of paint, let alone two! (I had confused the meter squared coverage of the tub and the ft squared area of my space). I was stressed with the essay and blog deadline at the beginning of this week so I didn’t re-think it until the shop owner assured me when buying the second tub but I figured there’s chances to use it in the future  (decorating or in future paintings).