Exhibition and Assessment

A lot of relief that the exhibition was finally finished and open to the public. Was interesting overhearing people’s opinions on my work and answering their questions (especially about the titles of the work). And I might have spilt red wine down my white-ish dress within the first 15 minutes so spent the rest of the opening with my hand holding my shoulder bag at just the right place, so you could tell I was nervous. My twin sister came and surprised me too so I nearly cried from all of the emotions.

Was weirdly calm yet nervous for my final assessment, you’d think I would have been used to them at this point and known if I had majorly screwed up. It was probably one of the most chilled assessments I had had. I sat on the floor in front of all my work in the exhibition space whilst my two tutors sat on chairs and we discussed the work, preparation, and future plans. I have finally decided that yes, I do want to continue at Aberystwyth for a Masters in Fine Art. I’m proud of what I managed to produced and it stands its ground and gives the right effect to the public I think (I was too scared to ask unless they were speaking to me).