That’s a wrap

This week I spent time prepping some more boards ready for when I come back from Easter holidays and wrapping up old and new work (dry of course) in bubble wrap to prevent damage and protect from dust. Issues of studio being in an old building (even though I spent my Undergrad dreaming of a studio space in it). I also managed to do two more paintings, even if one took me longer than I usually like and I’m still not sure if I like the outcome. However, working is productive even if it’s not my proudest work. With a few works completed I could start working out the names for the pieces which is a lot harder when the names and depicted images do not correlate.


Making progress

Last week I have managed to produce three paintings and prepped a load of other boards,  finally feeling confident again in the route I’m pursuing. Returning to step A of my project but now I actually have a fully realised intent for its purpose. Working from postcards (currently ones I wrote to myself) that are reproductions of old photographs, I then reproduce a zoomed in section of the image, abstracting what the image and the item is. I have reverted to my old way of painting, which as discussed with my tutor, adds a filter to it that brings the idea of it being a memory again. But this works for me, bringing my work together whilst they are separate bodies.


On Friday I held a tutorial with a lovely undergrad as part of one of my modules. I’ve been quite excited about this part of the course out of curiosity of other’s work and to see the how the teaching aspect works. I was really intrigued in her work and i could give some advice that I’ve learnt along the way in my own practice. Also quite flattering that she remembers my work from Undergrad.

I’m doing a Masters now

I apologise to the lack of updates over the last few months. Having graduated and started my Masters, I pushed this to the back of my priorities but I’m now trying to make sure all of my social media is and will remain updated, not just my Instagram. So yes, I did decide to do a Masters in the end, staying at the University that I adore. Currently into the second semester, so there has been a lot of work produced and developed that’s led me to my current work.

There’s been a lot of development which means my starting point of old postcards and other people’s memories is not the purpose of my current work, however, postcards are still a running theme. I may do a few posts on the how I got from point A to Z though its gone back to looking like point B, but that might get confusing mixed in with the current. Probably just little explanations throughout.

I will try to write a new post every week again, decide on a suitable day later, with process, progress and final work photos.