Let’s get down to business cards

I’ve designed and sorted my business cards ready for exhibition and trying to be more of a professional from now on because that’s what I am. Also going to try out selling postcards of my work (postcards are related to my actual paintings as well which makes it more of a good idea). Ordered 3 designs of them today so fingers crossed they look good.

This week has been a focus on the exhibition which is fast approaching. A frequent thing is that I’m not sure on a painting when I’ve finished it. I have to take that step back, which may be a couple of days, before either adjust parts, leave it and like it or completely scrap it. It’s happened a fair few times in the last couple of weeks mainly as my work slowly approaches the limit between de-figuration and pure abstraction. I don’t think myself as an abstract painter so I guess I still have some restraints over this natural progression.


Back to studio

I got back to Aberystwyth yesterday and had my first tutorial in a week weeks today. I hadn’t had one before the holidays so where I was panicking I haven’t got anything new to show, I actually had 4 paintings waiting. Spent the tutorial discussing what I want to say in the exhibition catalog statement, why the names are what they are and why I choose the image references (particular zoomed in bits). In all, it’s helping me prepare my artist statement and a presentation I have to make next month (I’m not a crowd speaker so I’m terrified). I have 5 more prepped boards waiting to be used and I’m going to get started on them this week.

With love from…

During this Easter holiday, I have been travelling round a lot, currently I’m in Devon on my SO’s family holiday and I’m having a lovely time getting to know them more (and being the go to person to teach one of the kids origami because I’m arty). I’ve taken all this travel as an opportunity to find more postcards to use wherever I can. Trying to stick with low quality or at least ones with an interesting texture somewhere I’ll zoom in on. Still got a while before I can be back in the studio which is panicking me but I know I’m in a good place for the May exhibition. Just got to calm the anxiety and get to work other bits for uni but also enjoy my holiday (and the hot tub).


I have a busy holidays away from the studio, but I’m collecting inspirations on my travels. Having first travelled home and then to Belfast to visit my sister, we’ve gone down to Dublin to see Sam Smith in concert (absolutely amazing) and then attempted to spend the day as tourists. Trinity College architecture is gorgeous (well, a lot of Dublin is) and we managed to go to the National Gallery too. Definitely more my scene that my sister’s since she went straight for the Monet, Picasso and Van Gogh and then sat down because they were the only ones she knew. Unfortunately, I then got a bit ill so we just chilled a bit in the Temple Bar area before getting a coach back to Belfast. Didn’t stop me from collecting a few postcards to use in my work though.