Focusing on the unfocused

In the last few days, I have been completing pieces of work for a module and working out finalising my presentation I will be making tomorrow (yikes!). I took photographs of my final exhibition pieces (you can now find these in Portfolio under the MA exhibition May section) and let me tell you, it is difficult to work out if the camera is in focus when the painting you’re trying to photograph isn’t. This involved a lot of zooming in to check and using a part on the easel as my focal point. But I managed it and I believe I got them at a fairly good quality and used a grey day for its neutral lighting.

This will be my last blog post for a little bit because this website is part of one of my modules and will be handed over for assessment today. If you wish to be kept updated with the rest of the exhibition set up and the event itself, I will keep my Facebook page updated throughout.



Just a quick post to say that my business cards and first order of postcards arrived yesterday. Very pleased with the quality of them and definitely where I will order future ones from. I did forget to give one design a white border, I was playing round with a few layouts and must of thought I selected the right one. But I still like that design so I’ll be keeping it in. I will hopefully be selling these in the upcoming exhibition, or at very least through my social medias/email. I will also be ordering more with other paintings soon (going to be a busy weekend before deadlines and a busier weekend at work due to a University sports event)


During the week I have completed the final painting for the May exhibition (minus a few minor touch up that are required). Also, in the last few days, the exhibition spaces have been set and released for all the exhibiting MA and BA final years. With this in mind, I have begun planning the order of the eight paintings I’ll be putting on the 3 walls I have been given. I still have paintings to name, 4 of which are final pieces, but the postcards in which I name them from will be complete within the next few days.

I have a presentation in about a week’s time that I’m working on too, it’s about my work so technically it shouldn’t be difficult but I’m not good at public speaking. However, if I plan to be an artist in any sense in my future (which I do), then this is practice and I’ll get better at it eventually.