Life drawing

I stupidly forgot to order boards until later in the week, so I have no new paintings for this weeks post. I also feel a little lost with the exact kind of subject matter I’m looking at so my sketches are sparse. However, I also do life drawing this semester which gives me a necessary break from my slightly abstracted paintings to something much more realistic in form.

Life drawing 22/11/16, watercolour on paper

This week’s favourite in life drawing would be this watercolour. I am slowly working on drawing the model in the space rather than just the model. A wash of colour had pushed the scene backwards instead of being in the same plane as the foreground. This post has also made me feel like I should select more of my life drawings to display on here but would that distract from the main project? One to think about.


Painting: Portrait workshop (Ali)

AliPortrait workshop: Ali (2016)
Oil on Canvas
40.3cm x 50.7cm

Workshop with a life model, working with flesh tones. The model had a very warm complexion. Difficulty was introduced as time was restricted to a fairly short time and it was not something that could be built up due to this. Although unrefined, I did achieve a likeness to the model.

Painting: peer

RebeccaRebecca (2016)
Oil on board
45.3cm x 40.8cm

As memories fade and change over time, I felt this was something that needed exploring in my work. I started with a day old oil paint study of a friend, I then only removed the paint already applied through scraping, sanding, pouring white spirit down the board and scratching away. It was rather liberating destroying a painting with that intention in mind to explore it’s limits.

Drawing: Life Model

Life Model
Life Model (2016)
Oil pastel on paper
32.2cm x 34.2cm

Due to missing life drawing classes and painter’s block, I attended one to refresh. I chose to practice my skill with oil pastels as it had been a while. I highly enjoyed being able to do this again especially as my work has started moving more into the abstracted rather than obviously figurative.

Painting: Consuming

ConsumingConsuming (2014)
Oil on Canvas Panel
22.8cm x 30.1cm

This painting is following a set of projects based on the physical representation of anxiety/stress (sculptural project) and then loss of control over an outcome by the use of fire as a ‘drawing’ medium. Watching the flames consume the canvases inspired the idea of representing how these emotions can dominate the mind.