Monoprints and returning to Aber

Sorry about no post last week, I was away from home celebrating the holidays with my SO and didn’t think to bring my laptop. I hope everyone enjoyed them!

I have since returned to Aberystwyth and prepping for the up coming hand in deadline for the semester’s work. Last week I did make some small (and fairly messy) monoprint studies of landscape memories. The hope was the various marks that can be made made the drawing vague enough kind of like my paintings but its not quite right. I do miss practising printmaking but I’m glad I stuck with my guns to do painting, can get a little most lost in the making and change things a lot quicker. At least I have my ink and roller if I ever feel the need.



Spit Bite Aquatint: Moonlight on Sea VI

moonlight on sea VIMoonlight on Sea VI (2015)
Spit bite Aquatint and Drypoint
14.9cm x 18.1cm

Produced during experimentation when introduced to different intaglio printmaking techniques, playing with the ability to paint the image with the ground and then the acid. Spit bite creates quite a unusual pattern which I believe work well with the representation of water and clouds.