Artist Statement (BA 2017)

My current work is heavily inspired by the pursuit of translating memories into the physical, through various mediums and techniques. The attraction to memory comes from an early habit of photographing events and people in my life, due to fear of forgetting these things that meant so much. As time has progressed, this has woven into much of my art, such as memory based paintings and prints, or more subtly through some portraiture.

I began exploring the concepts of how memories form, change and fade over time. This helped express the main factors that made each memory. As I developed my ideas, memories became the starting points to pieces of my work, whilst the materials and colours used help build on the composition of that memory. In response to this experimentation, my work has adapted based on the mediums and techniques best suited to creating a final piece.

Previous work I have produced during the self-directed parts of my education, have been influenced by the human body and mind. Alongside memory, body language has held a fascination for me for many years, stimulated by my interest in portraiture and figure drawing. I believe both body language and memory hold many possibilities to explore within art, and will likely be the focal point in much of my work.

Ultimately, my aim is to create art that not only conveys my own memories, but explores the boundaries of memories as a wider concept in art. I regard experimentation with techniques and mediums as the best way to explore these concepts, and my own limits as an artist.